Black Canary

The littlest things make me laugh. It's not hard to please me. I'm a free-spirit; I'm strong and determined. I love to look at the stars. I love languages; it amazes me how they connect the world together like each thread of a spider's web. Which also should go without saying, I also love meeting new people. :)
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I post beautiful landscapes and beautiful food as that's what keeps me happy. :)

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More than just a trendy movement on Tumblr, palettes are a great way for a photographer or graphic designer to tell a color story about their work and personal style. 

Most of my palettes are muted, faded colors. If you asked me a year ago to describe my style, it certainly wouldn’t be in those terms. I’d have called my work bright and vibrant and clear. 

Making these palettes was a great way for me to see my work in its bare bone form. This is who I am. This is what I love and now that I know it, I can move forward in new projects with a solid aesthetic that represents my work as a whole.

Photography by Bex

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